Bring in The Hunks to Create A Spectacular Ladies Night

Bring In The Hunks, Bring in The Ladies, Bring In The Profits!

As a nightclub owner or promoter one of the major goals to achieve success is to consistently bring in more ladies than men into your nightclub. Why is this? It is has been proven time and time again that a higher percentage of females usually equates to a much better night. The ideal ratio is 60/40 This is mainly because females dance more often than guys. Females also help encourage the fellas to dance. And having a few more females than guys, helps keep the tension down, as the guys stay busy trying to hit on girls rather than building up testosterone because there is too much competition for too few females. The majority of nightclub promotions are therefore directed mostly towards females as it is known that guys are naturally attracted to bars that have a ton of females in them. Therefore, marketing to guys is almost pointless as they will eventually show up regardless. One of the more successful ladies night promotions is to give the ladies exactly what they want… a bunch of HUNKS to ogle over and choose from Male Strippers.

What’s in it For The Ladies? How Do You Ensure a Packed Ladies Night?

As a DJ I have done many styles of Ladies Nights but the most successful Ladies Nights started out as Ladies ONLY Nights, with a special earlier portion of the night dedicated to just the ladies. Specifically we’re talking about starting the night off extra early around 6pm or 8pm with an All Male Revue Show and dance show extravaganza made specifically for the ladies. You can opt to just bring in a bunch of local male strippers or you can find companies that put on more of a Broadway Musical or Vegas Style Show which makes it more entertaining for the ladies than just a regular strip show. Starting the night off with an all male revue show ensures that you have a great head start with a good 100-400 females in the building before your nightclub night even begins.

There are several formulas for success using an all male revue show as your focal point and it’s really up to each individual nightclub to decide the best formula for the biggest profits. As a nightclub you may decide to charge cover to all the females for the all male revue show, or you may simply charge cover the whole night for both male and females, encouraging the females to get there early and catch the show as part of their ticket price. You may opt to let females in free all night regardless of the fact that they also get a show early in the night and pack out your bar with all females before charging the guys later in the night.

Another option, if you have a club with multiple rooms, is to only charge people, that are going to watch the show and let everyone else in free. The Free people are not allowed to watch the show or enter the special performance room. Then when the doors all open after the show your club is already fully packed with both guys and girls from the free section and a bunch of girls that came to watch the show.

Finally, a double dip solution can be utilized if you have a multi room club by also bringing in a few female strippers to entertain the fellas in the second room while the male strippers perform for the female crowd in the main room allowing you to again charge everyone perhaps $10 to $20 for females and $15 to $40 for the guys.

You can also sell special seating and bottle service with a complimentary lap dance or a backstage pass (discuss plans with performers first) The possibilities are endless.

No matter what your particular formula for utilizing an All Male Revue Show to increase profits, with proper promotions, you can expect a huge increase in female attendance and a great jump-start to any ladies night. A good plan is to pass out two sets of flyers at your club, One for the ladies telling them about the pre-show party and a second set of flyers for the fellas so they know to show up after the show for the hottest ladies night in your city, which will already be packed to the gills with a bunch of crazy females that have already been worked up and are much more receptive to talking or dancing with the fellas.

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