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Mobile Theatres

A Mobile theatre is one of the latest developments in the mobile industry. Before knowing about mobile theatres let us see about the evolution of mobiles and telecommunication industry which led to these developments.

In the 1990’s, people started using mobile phones to communicate with their friends, relations, colleagues, etc. either through voice or text. This generation of mobile services is called first generation standard. Later, when the first generation mobile services evolved into second generation mobile services there were some dimensional changes in the mobile world. Even then people didn’t expect some tremendous features from their small handheld machines. But with the arrival of GPRS the second generation mobile standards evolved into 2.5G standard which brought the mobile and telecommunication industry one step further. This is one of the most www.haytheatre.com important turning points in the mobile and telecommunication industry. After that many researches are being carried out around these ideas.

People started to know about the potentials of their handheld machines gradually. The views of cell phones have changed. It is no longer a simple basic communication device which can aid only for voice and text based communications with other cell phones but much more than that. After more researches they came up with even higher data rate standard which is EDGE. This standard was termed as 2.75G.By late 1990’s International Telecommunications Union defined the 3G standard which facilitates higher data rates for mobiles to increase the potentials of the mobile phones even more. This 3G specification makes it possible to use more complex applications in our mobile phones. One of this is the mobile theater. 3G standard provides various services like video conferencing, video on demand, mobile TV etc.

How is mobile theater possible? Due to the enhanced data transfer rates and higher buffering capabilities in our phones. To make mobile theater possible changes should be made in both the consumers and the service providers side. Service providers are now enhancing their services to adopt 3G standards so that they can provide broader spectrum of services. There are many issues which need to be identified and resolved to provide these complex services. Some of them are issues like consumer specific and some are service provider specific.

The cost of mobile phones are decreasing very rapidly but still 3G mobile’s cost is too high compared to other ordinary phones. And another major issue in using the 3G mobiles is about the battery life. 3G mobiles need a very good battery power because they are used for transferring enormous amount of data to and from long distance internet servers. These are some of the issues in the consumer side. Cost of getting licenses for providing 3G standard services is high. Lack of support for financially troubled operators is another issue faced by the service providers.

Still the growth and deployment of 3G standard services and manufacturing of 3G compatible mobiles is increasing rapidly. Mobile theaters make it possible to view movies in your mobile. The high buffering capacity offered by the 3G standard makes it easy to view movies, videos in our mobile phones. For using this kind of facility consumers should use 3G compatible mobile phones and their service provider must provide 3G enabled services. Service providers should tie up with content providers for providing these kinds of services to their customers. Also several mobile applications are being built by the software developers for playing videos and movies in different formats in our mobile. These applications should be light weighted, more efficient and should avoid unnecessary facilities so as to make it execute fast in our small mobile phones. Researchers are also working in designing new light weight protocols for streaming videos to mobile phones to use it as mobile theaters..